Marshals and race director station

Superimposing the barriers can allow a maximum height of 1500mm in order to build stations for trackside marshals along the track, or near the finish line for race directors. This way insiders can also be protected from eventual accidents, while giving modernity and better design to the track.

Master barrier in 2-wheels world

As previously said, superimposing the barriers can allow a maximum height of 1500mm, this gives the opportunity to create wonderful tracks for 2-wheeled veichles. Custom size fireproof padding can be installed to minimize the impact of the driver in case of an accident.

Advertising on the protections

The barriers can also be utilised to promote your own brand or company, since they are equipped with a system that allows to insert custom advertising banners directly in the barrier. In this way a safe and captivating track can be created, while promoting a company at the same time.

Master barrier as furniture

The protections can also be put in interior environments and used as seats for clients. Also, thanks to the mastercraft of specialized firms, we’ve converted our bumpers into stools with padded seats, and the barriers into support tables with proper flatbed.