Master Barrier project was born thanks to many years of experience in karting enviroment, track management and organisation of motorsport events all over the world.

Master Barrier project was born thanks to many years of experience in karting enviroment, track management and organisation of motorsport events all over the world.

Our system is highly innovative, it unites design, strenght, reliability and safety.

Master Barrier’s barrier w a s born out of the need of a solution that could make the various INDOOR and OUTDOOR tracks safer, while also giving versatility in the layout’s composition and practicality in maintenance at the same time.

With its modern and captivating aesthetic impact, and thanks to its flexibility, it allows to build really fun and easily modifiable tracks.

Its practicality, flexibility and strenght place it on top of its class, providing an optimal solution for the creation of any kind of circuit.


Certifications and Acknowledgements

Certifications and acknowledgements The barriers have obtained the certification for fireproof resistance for specific categories.
We furthermore achieved FFS approval to build tracks in France and also FIA approval for the rest of the world.


Master Barrier’s delimitation barriers distinguish themselves for their modern and unmistakable design, equipped with an innovative and revolutionary system that immediately allows them to be recognised among the others.
Their peculiar design can give any track an original and elegant touch, that recalls the vibrant racing world. Master Barrier’s protection can be produced in every Ral colour available on the market.
They are furthermore arranged to install multiple options created to personalize your own circuits, among which we can find highly visible LED lights to further embellish the track, or advertising banners and directional signage that can be put on the barriers themselves.


Master Barrier’s delimitation barriers considerably differ themselves from all the others on the market for their many qualities, especially for their dimensions.
As a matter of fact their individual length is 1200mm, but when united with the linking bumper they reach a total of 1670mm.
Such dimensions make it functional for any sport discipline to build various kinds of tracks (Kart, Bikes, Cars ecc).


Their compact, strong and highly impact resistant system allows the barriers to counteract the impacts in an excellent way.
Tested by over 8 years in various kartdromes, Master Barrier’s protections have passed with flying colours the multiple impact tests.
The configuration and peculiarity of their structure allow the vehicles to softly RELEASE THE KINETIC FORCE once hitting the barrier, minimizing the damage to the driver and the structure itself.


With a modern and captivating aesthetic impact the barrier allows, thanks to its flexibility, to build very fun, fluid and easily modifiable tracks, without having to take apart the entire track, replacing the single damaged piece in case of partial rupture, this way avoiding unnecessary costs for the track’s owner.
As a matter of fact Master Barrier’s protections are defined as “composable/decomposable”, they allow the replacement of the single piece and also an easier control and cleaning of their parts, since they’re disassemblable.

Our barriers’s inside section is hollow to better allow the passing of the compression strap, each part is always inspectable at any time, to make maintenance easier. Lastly, thanks to their ease of disassembly and assembly, it is possible to link them at irregular intervals, creating numerous combinations and variants, and different track layout.

Value for money

Master Barrier is a strictly MADE IN ITALY project, compact and easy to install, with really low maintenance costs, exceptionally functional and flexible, that allows to remedy to the permanent “static” of the track. The barriers’s cost are amply justified by the staff’s availability to guide the clients in each one of the processing steps, planning, advice, assembling and after-sale services.

Attention to the enviroment

The raw materials used for the barrier’s production are top quality, only first class virgin polymers are utilized, absolutely avoiding regenerated materials, giving Master Barrier its strength and elasticity, making it even safer.
The protections are still recyclable and made of PEHD (High density polyethylene), completely recyclable and self-extinguishing.