keys in hand track building

Our technical staff is fully available to offer and give you the best possible solution to build and exclusive track, complete of all the necessary requirements to ensure emotions and safety over time.

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Feasibility Study




Technical Assistance

Study, design and creation of circuit and kart track from start to finish

After analysing pros and cons, we move to the design fase, utilizing professional processes and tools, capable to virtually show you the final result.

Before the track’s physical configuration we proceed to the drafting of special resins in order to obtain an homogeneus surface. The resin’s peculiar composition allows a similar grip to what can be found on competition circuits.

Then we move to the track building with our barriers. Road signs can be defined, both in the ground (starting grid, demarcation lines, escape routes, curbs) and high billboards to insert in the barriers.

Besides track building, our staff also supports clients in the choice and definition of the structure’s areas, among which reception, briefing area, business room. Our decennial experience allows us to give advice able to help each client to build its structure.